Padel court manufacturer

We are the official padel court on May 2024 in one of the biggest sport events in the world

Purchase of padel courts

We apply the highest quality standards required for our courts: textured grass, lighting, structure, glass. Our main clients internationally and in Spain are: padel clubs, urbanizations, hotels, individuals or sports centers. If you are thinking of buying padel courts, we are your quality manufacturer.

We are the manufacturers for the official track for two years of the Pala Tour 2021 and 2022 and the World Padel Tour 2023.


NEW padel courts ON SALE

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As manufacturers of padel courts we are aware of the needs of our clients: High quality of materials, competitive price, agile court assembly, as well as padel court maintenance guides, certifications and guarantee of materials.

If you are considering buying a padel court, contact us through WhatsApp in the lower corner or the contact section. You can also preview your track in our 3D configurator.

Padel courts customized

We are exclusive experts in the creation, manufacturing, installation and after-sales of padel courts around the world.


Recently, we have implemented the highest technology, incorporating robotics, home automation padel courts and laser to our padel courts, automating processes and delivering a unique product. Our padel courts are recognized worldwide in the padel industry and we have more than 1,200 padel courts delivered throughout the world. If you are thinking about buying a padel court, write to us.

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High technology in the manufacture of padel tennis courts

Home automation padel courts

We have robotic technology to create modern and durable padel courts

Custom padel court

We carry out all types of custom padel projects. We are manufacturers of personalized padel courts at the client´s request

Supplier for padel competitions

We are the official court for numerous international padel tournaments.

Technical team

More than 100 padel experts work to deliver the best courts around the world.  An unique and experienced team.

Courts for paddle clubs, hotels and developments

We have various formats of professional courts for clubs, residences or hotels.

International padel court manufacturer

More than 1,200 tracks manufacturedand installed in recent times support our work in more than 8 countries internationally

Padel court guaranteE

Our tracks have the quality, support and guarantee by contract in each project.

Regulatory padel courts

Padel courts manufactured according to the regulations of the International Padel Federation

High quality of materials

Professional courts tailored to your needs, quality curly grass, hot-dip galvanized to provide a long lifespan compared to traditional courts.