Characteristics of crystals on a padel court

The padel court glass used by Padel Courts Master is made of 12 mm thick, 14-glass tempered glass, thus ensuring the highest quality. But how important are crystals on padel courts?


The glass used in padel courts, commonly known as enclosing glass, is an essential part of the padel court structure. Here you have relevant information about crystals on paddle tennis courts:

cristales pista de padel

Crystal material

The enclosing glass of paddle tennis courts is usually made of tempered glass or acrylic. Both materials have particular characteristics:

  • Tempered Glass – Tempered glass is a solid, durable material that is commonly used on paddle tennis courts. It is durable and can withstand moderate impacts, making it ideal for resisting hard hit balls. In case of breakage, it tends to fragment into small, less dangerous pieces compared to traditional glass.

  • Acrylic – Acrylic is an alternative to tempered glass and is used in some padel courts. It is a lighter and more impact resistant material than glass. Acrylic is less likely to break compared to glass and can bend before breaking, reducing the risk of injury. However, it is more susceptible to scratches than tempered glass.


Crystal thickness

The enclosure glass in padel courts usually has a thickness that ranges between 10 and 12 mm for tempered glass. Acrylic is usually at least 10mm thick to maintain its strength.



Both tempered glass and acrylic are transparent materials that allow players and spectators to see the game clearly. This is important to ensure optimal visibility on the track.



To improve player safety, it is common to install protectors or frames on the bottom of the windows to reduce the risk of injury in the event of a collision.



The glass on padel courts, whether tempered glass or acrylic, requires regular maintenance to maintain its transparency and quality. They should be cleaned properly to remove dirt, dust and stains.


Installation and regulations

The installation of glass on padel courts must comply with local and national safety regulations. The glass must be correctly fixed and anchored to guarantee the stability and safety of the court.

In summary, the enclosure glass in our paddle tennis courts is designed to provide visibility, security and impact resistance. The choice between tempered glass and acrylic depends on the preferences of the court owner and local regulations, but at Padel Courts Master we choose tempered to maintain the highest quality standards. Keeping the crystals in good condition is essential to guarantee the safety and quality of the game on the padel courts.